First, chop all of the veggies into even pieces

Photos - local - urban promise week2
Kaneira Williams, Celiyan Roman, instructor Becky Bryan and Maxxwell Brandon say “cheers” before digging in to the Tortellini salad during week 2 of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Urban Promise.

We started class with a conversation—asking our new students what they like to cook and what they like to eat.  “We have a lot of family reunions and we make a lot of food,” said Kaneira Williams,10, a sentiment echoed by all of the junior chefs who agreed that they love to eat, and want to learn to cook.  “I help my mom cook sometimes. I can make bacon and eggs,” said Tean Gardner, 10, and like his five classmates took easily to the chopping and dicing of carrots, zucchini, garlic and grape tomatoes in this week’s recipe.  We started with the basics—knife skills, chopping things in even pieces, being safe around the stove and mise en place, keeping our prep areas organized and tidy.  The prep work went fast and our chefs donned their jackets and went out in the UrbanPromise garden to see what herbs were still available, and we added some fresh basil, thyme and oregano to the tortellini salad.  Everyone helped with the dishes and setting the table. Before we could taste the week’s meal, Maxwell Brandon gave his water glass a tap: “I hope we all enjoy this food and cheers!” The tortellini salad was a big hit with the class, and a few chefs went back for seconds.  Nyla Hannah, 11 was especially enthusiastic. “I am having zucchini for the first time and I love these peas!”