Family feast brings out 'new bike' excitement in the students

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Amya Moreno and Darlene Encarnacion set a festive family dinner table during the final class of the fall 2016 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Wiggins.

Our proud parents and guests feasted on rosemary chicken, Waldorf salad and carrot cake as we celebrated our last week of MDK.  We asked the parents what they thought of their young chefs.   Ms. Janie McClain, Derron Coleman's mother, admitted her son taught her to use "the claw" when chopping celery on Thanksgiving.  And Amya Moreno's mom, Ms. Lidia Carrero, welled up as she told us how excited Amya was to prepare this meal for her.  "She was super-excited about tonight - like getting-a-new-bike excited!" beamed Ms. Lidia.   Congratulations, students on a job well-done!