Experienced chefs whisk burrito filling to perfection

fd1notebook08i.jpg Kitchen Notebook, March 8, 2018-08032018-0010
Naiyla Williams Bey dices the onion to be used for breakfast burritos during week 1 of the Spring 2018 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Catto School.

The chefs at Catto School were very eager and excited to start the new season of cooking class.  For this session, we have a brand new group of 7th grade students who I am determined have had experience in the kitchen before.  Naiyla read off the recipe making sure we had all our ingredients in order.  Cutting stations were set as Naiyla and Diana diced the onion and pepper and Andres cracked the eggs and whisked them to perfection.  The onions and peppers were placed in the pan and Andres began to mix.  “It smells so good!” he exclaimed.  It wasn’t long before our breakfast burritos were ready to assemble.  We all sat down and took that first bite.  “Can we do this everyday?” asked Diana.  Sounds like our first class was a hit!