Enthusiastically cooking for family, guests, and friends

Photos - local - urbanPromise week8
Volunteer Jane Berkowitz and student Teon Gardner squeeze lemons as they make strawberry rhubarb squares during the final class of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Urban Promise.

We had only three UrbanPromise chefs on deck for our last class and a much smaller crowd for our dinner party than we shopped for—but we made it work.  The three chefs we had, Nyla Hannah, Teon Gardner and Khanneitha Nguyen were quite willing to multitask to get all the chopping and other prep work done for our final meal—the Moroccan Chicken and Couscous punched up with a bit more seasoning for our guests than the week before.

“It s so smooth and shiny,” said Teon of the chicken thighs which he masterfully cut into bite sized pieces before stepping in—unasked—to do the first round of dishes. Nyla started right away on the strawberry rhubarb squares with instructor Jane Berkowitz, but all three chefs lent a hand to smoothing the crumble batter onto the baking pan. “Nice and gooey!”said Nyla. “Surprisingly satisfying,” agreed Khanneitha.  While the chicken and couscous cooked and the dessert baked, our chefs made fruit kabobs with fruit we bought with some remaining funds.  They complemented the spicy chicken nicely.  “I feel like we are playing Jenga,” said Teon, arranging the kabobs on a platter.  We added some cut fruit to a pitcher of water transforming it into “spa” water—a weekly tradition in our class and a way to add flavor—and not sugar—to make a refreshing drink.  Our guests, included parents, grandparents and siblings, came in to find a set table and enthusiastic servers.