Dull to Vibrant Greens

Andres insisted on taking a picture of the braised greens that he was so eager to try during week 2 of the Spring 2018 My Daughter's Cooking program at Catto.

Going into week 2 our chefs were excited to see  a familiar entrée with a not so familiar side.  As I watched Karen, Naiyla  and Diana prepare the chicken, I thought, they have definitely done this before.  One at a time they took turns dipping the drumsticks in the egg mixture and into the cornflakes.  Andres was all hands on deck and ready to prepare our braised greens.  He was amazed to see the change in color, from a dull green to a brighter green.  No surprise to see he was the only chef to finish up all his greens. “The skin is so crispy,” stated Naasirah as she took her first bite of chicken.  We are off to a great start with thumbs up all around for the second week in a row.