Don't tell Mom, we ate our veggies

Photos - local - comly week2
Johan Acevedo-Gonzales,Layla Bevan, Matt Dumyak, Darya Radzevich, and Lea Schwegel get ingredients together for tortellini salad during week 2 of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Comly.

As the junior chefs gathered to prepare our meal for week two, jobs were delegated and everyone got right to work.  Tortellini was a pasta that was new to some of the students.  “At first I thought we were making tortillas with peas and zucchini.  Glad we are not making that!” said Johan Acevedo-Gonzalez. Lea Schwegel took charge of mincing the garlic.  “I liked setting the table too,“ she noted.  Johan Acevedo-Gonzalez and Matt Dumyak worked on the dressing.  “No finger zest needed!” they joked as they carefully zested a lemon.  When they sat to eat together, the chefs commented on the variety of vegetables and color on their plates.  “Mmmm...this is really good!” said Layla Bevan.  “It looks like a rainbow, I like how colorful it is!” exclaimed Darya Radzevich .  “I can’t tell my mom I’m eating this,” said Matt Dumyak, “because then she’ll always make me eat my vegetables!”