Crispy, tasty chicken and cauliflower a crowd pleaser

Adeline Perez and Jasir Rosa get ingredients ready for the recipes during week 2 of the fall 2016 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at McClure Elementary. The students made rosemary chicken drumsticks and roasted cauliflower.

Week two of our cooking adventure at McClure Elementary was very exciting!  We met our My Daughter's Kitchen volunteer, Ms. Lilly, who answered some questions about her job at the Reading Terminal Market.  We also met our food service worker, Ms. Williams, who answered some questions about her past a a restaurant owner.  When we got down to cooking every student was excited to show off their new knife skills that they learned last week.  Briannalyss Santiago and Karen Godinez did a great job cutting apart the cauliflower into beautiful florets.  While they worked together on this Jasir Rosa and Adeline Perez were excited to get their hands messy by tossing the chicken drumsticks in the herbs and spices they prepared. 

As the food cooked the students mused over what the final result would taste like.  Adeline Perez guessed that the roasted cauliflower might be a little spicy because the thyme smelled peppery to her.  When the food was all ready and we sat down to taste it Adeline was a little nervous about trying a new vegetable.  When she took a bite of the cauliflower she made such a surprised face we could all tell she enjoyed it.  Briannalyss Santiago said she loved that the chicken was crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.  When asked to rate this meal from one to five two students gave it a perfect score, but everyone was talking about making it at home by the time we were finished.