Colorful tortellini salad had a rainbow of tastes

Peas are added to an almost done pot of tortellini during week 2 of the Spring My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Catto Elementary.

From the moment I step into the door in the morning I have my chefs running up to me asking "what are we making today?"  After a successful week 1, students were overly excited to get back into the kitchen again! An assembly line was made to help with meal prep.  The boys were in charge of chopping and the girls were in charge of shredding.  It was not long before the tortellini was done and we were plating the food. "This meal is so colorful" remarked Jarisbel Eusebio.  "It has a bunch of different tastes," added Jessica Cortes.  Overall our chefs gave this colorful masterpiece a thumbs up.