Cleaning up while burritos cooked let us all enjoy our meal

fd1notebook08n.jpg Kitchen Notebook, March 8, 2018-08032018-0018
Students at Hunter Elementary give a thumbs up to the breakfast burritos that they learned to make during week 1 of the Spring 2018 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program.

The students at Hunter Elementary worked well together to quickly bring the dish together in a very short amount of time. Sheilanys Morales was a wonderful captain who helped us make sure that we got all of the items into the saute pan at the right time. Miss Migelle helped students to continue to clean up as we went so that we could keep our work space tidy and only have a few things to wash at the end. By the time our burritos came out of the oven, Julian Matias and Alanis Encarnacion could barely wait to dig in. It was smiles and thumbs up all around and everyone wanted to take home seconds!