Chopping, dicing, spiralizing our way to tasty minestrone

Photos - local - olney week3
Ailani Guerrero Beato (left) spiralizes zucchini, while Priscilla Tun (right) chops carrots. The students learned to make minestrone soup during week 3 of the Spring 2017 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Olney Elementary.

The girls were enthusiastic as usual and our preparation of "Alice Water's Minestrone Soup" involved a lot of chopping, dicing and even spiralizing.  The students agreed with Rachel Velasquez who commented that "Team work makes it all go faster!"  We all took turns crying over the onions and reviewing safe knife use.  Everyone agreed with Priscilla that the soup was nutritious and even more filling than the tortellinis from last week, even though the soup had "a lot more liquid".  Luisanny agreed and added, " I think I enjoyed making the soup even more than I enjoyed eating it!"