Chicken Tikka Masala blended spices, ingredients in surprising, delicious ways

Sierrah Knox portions out the Chicken Tikka Masala that she and other students learned to make during week 6 of the Spring 2018 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Team Up Philly at Universal Daroff Charter School.

Our group was intrigued by the exotic name of the recipe and the unfamiliar ingredients on the table.  We prepared the chicken and seasoned yogurt right away, to make the most of our short marinating time.  By the time we read through the recipe, the girls were excited to learn about garam masala spice blend and other seasonings in this dish.  Many of the flavors were new to them.   Some, like the cinnamon and cloves in the garam masala, were familiar, but used in unexpected ways.  When the aromatic veggies and spices hit the pan, we all had to gather around the stove to appreciate the aroma.  Everyone liked the finished dish.  Zakiyah Hilliard-Taylor expressed surprise that you could add so many new and different things together in one dish and have it taste so good!