Eating the delicious veggie pockets was the best part

Timothy Kelso, Mason Schuhl, Ciara German, Rosayah Greer and Mia Cooper, with Sharon Horton, cook vegetables for the breakfast veggie pockets that they made during week 1 of the fall 2016 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at . Wm. H. Loesche.

 Our fall  group was ready to tackle the Breakfast Veggie Pockets, along with learning how to use a knife and set the table. Our sub, Mason Schuhl, pitched right in. Mia Cooper, with teary eyes, learned not to touch her eyes while chopping the onion. Timothy Kelso and Ciara German worked together to saute the red peppers and onions. Rosayah Greer helped Ms. Pupis set the table. We were glad to see Sharon Horton, our kitchen helper, back with us. Best part was eating the Veggie Pockets, which we agreed, were delicious. 

-- Volunteers: Susan Munafo and Jane Pupis; Kitchen Worker: Sharon Horton