Veggie pockets tasty, but could use some red pepper flakes, adobo or hot sauce

Devon Sawyer and Jakya Barnhill sauté vegetables for breakfast veggie pita pockets during the first class of the fall 2016 session of My Daughter's Kitchen at Cristo Rey.

My Daughter's Kitchen got off to a great start with the students at Cristo Rey!  The students learned the ever so important knife skills while chopping peppers and onions.  They learned how to properly hold a knife and how it needs to remain sharp.  Olivia Rivera learned how to peel and chop an onion, a skill she knows she will use because she likes onions.  

Once the vegetables were chopped, Devon Sawyer and Jakya Barnhill learned how to saute the vegetables.  Devon remarked that he didn't know the technique was actually called "sauteing" as he refers to cooking vegetables in a pan of oil, frying.  We all even saw how to toss the vegetables in the pan without spilling them!

As for breakfast pockets, Olivia, Jakya and Devon would like to make the dish at home.  However, they would add more flavors by using different seasonings like red pepper flakes, adobo and Devon's eyes lit up when we talked about adding hot sauce.

We definitely have some budding chefs at Cristo Rey and we're looking forward to the many great dishes to prepare in the weeks ahead.

Lauren Molish & Michele Taplinger