An easy breakfast that sticks with you to lunch

There’s nothing like a good breakfast to start the day. There’s also nothing like a good breakfast to start a new semester of My Daughter’s Kitchen. Especially if it’s easy and fun to make. 
At Bayard Taylor Elementary we had a full lineup for opening day, and there was lots of teamwork making Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits topped with Homemade Granola.
Aliani Cabrera and Gabriel Rodriguez jumped right in to peel and chop the fruit – a combination of peaches, apples, bananas and a few frozen blueberries. Syliani Ortiz, meanwhile, teamed with twins Angel Ezell Sanchez and his brother Angel Luis to prepare the granola.
We talked about how this is a quick-and-easy breakfast, but also one that will stick with you through lunch due to the nuts and oats in the granola.
Aliani and Gabriel were fast learners for proper knife technique and made short work of the fruit. The Angels Ezell and Luis took care of the melted butter and joined Syliani to mix the granola evenly and get it ready for baking.
Because we had a convection oven, we checked it several times and managed not to brown it too much.
“This looks sooooo good,” Aliana exclaimed, when we brought the granola to the counter.
The kids had fun assembling the parfaits in layers.
“I like making things and want to learn new foods I could make with my mom,” Gabriel said.
“I like mixing the ingredients,” added Ezell. “It’s amusing how all the ingredients turn into one thing.”
When we marched our parfaits to the table, the students couldn’t wait to see how this breakfast would taste.
Syliani, who had never had raisins, found them “squishy” and could have done without them. But overall she found the dish “sweet and crunchy.”
Gabriel was more enthusiastic, exclaiming “This is a 5!” — and Aliani went even further: “A 5 out of crunchy 5!”
“It tastes amazing, but it would taste even better with brown sugar,” Ezell noted.
“It’s the big finale!” said his brother Luis.