First things first: reading a recipe and developing knife skills

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What a surprise for our seventh session-three experienced and enthusiastic boys, Adam Khashab, Bob Hamdamov, and Mason Schuhl. They were anxiously... Read more

Taking home leftovers and lifelong cooking skills

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Hard to believe that this was our last week. The students chose to make Rosemary Drumsticks with Sweet Potato Fries to accompany the Carrot... Read more

“Anything with mushrooms is good”

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We reviewed “mise en place” with the students because it was important for our Mushroom Bolognese recipe. Ciara German and... Read more

Lentils taste entirely different when blended with soup ingredients

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After reviewing the ingredients for the Lentil Soup, everyone but Julia Bieneman agreed that they didn’t like lentils. She even listed... Read more

Using taco sauce instead of ketchup made stuffed peppers even better

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“Have you ever tasted ground turkey?” asked Jane Pupis. “I hadn’t till last year because I didn’t like the way... Read more

Fish tacos, pickle slaw, sweet potato fries get mixed reviews

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Chop, chop, chop! Everybody was busy chopping something this week. Working in two teams, we were able to have everything ready, at the same... Read more

Eating the delicious veggie pockets was the best part

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Our fall group was ready to tackle the Breakfast Veggie Pockets, along with learning how to use a knife and set the table. Our sub, Mason... Read more
Instructors Jane Pupis, Sharon Horton, and Susan Munafo celebrate the final class of the My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program with Loesche students Diana Yorga, Nataliya Budnyk, Emma Weinstein, Alex

Week 8: Healthy rewards

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“I can’t believe that this is our last class!” cried Nataliya Budnyk. It was difficult to chose our menu because they liked... Read more