Selena Rivera, Bibeta Nana, and Riely Brown prepare the week 7 My Daughter’s Kitchen recipes at TeamUp Philly. The students prepared strawberry shortcake and curried chicken with cauliflower, apricots, and olives.

Week 7: Fascinating ingredients made fabulous meal

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Our students were fascinated by the variety of seasonings in the chicken marinade. Some were new to them, and some, like cinnamon, were unfamiliar... Read more
Selena Rivera and Shaianne Croker clean up following week 6 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at TeamUp Philly. The students learned recipes for New England clam chowder and cornbread.

Week 6: Organized and proficient

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Making clam chowder means chopping lots of vegetables! We were worried that we would be pressed for time, but it’s amazing how organized... Read more
In preparation for the guacamole a tomato is diced. ED HILLE / Staff Photographer

Week 5: The girls love the guacamole

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The vegetarian chili and guacamole were a big hit with the Team Up Philly group this week. All of the girls said they would definitely make... Read more
Selena Rivera, Shaianne Croker and Kyra Johnson work together to prepare the vegetable crudite during week 4 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at TeamUp Philly.

Week 4: Stew needed a little something

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Everyone liked the beef stew, but a few of our students thought it needed something. Riley Brown said it needed a bit more salt; Bibeta Nana... Read more
TeamUp Philly student Selena Rivera displays the green salad that she and other students made during week 3 of the My Daughter’s Kitchen cooking program.

Week 3: Surprising salmon

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Pasta dishes are usually popular. As we were reviewing our recipes, we could tell by the unpleasant look on our students faces that they thought... Read more
Daniyah Eskridge enjoyed the turkey sloppy joes that she and the other students prepared as part of My Daughter’s Kitchen at TeamUp Philly, Spring 2016.

Week 2: Season to taste

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Our students are working hard on their knife skills. Selena Rivera noted that it was really hard to “keep the celery straight and make... Read more