Roasted chicken and vegetables reminded us of Thanksgiving

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The girls got right to work on their tasks of chopping, peeling and slicing. They wanted more carrots but thought the pan, loaded with chicken... Read more

Kale a challenging, surprising ingredient in vegetarian minestrone

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Our impressions of the minestrone: "So before I ate the food I learned how to try things before you judge." "I saw the kale and didn't like... Read more

Tortellini salad could use more pasta, less peas

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Zariah Blackwell, Liliana Hernandez, Jayla Hale and Alison Morales were enthusiastic and excited as they attacked the new prep work skills... Read more

Muffins needed a cinnamon apple flavor boost

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The girls were so excited to learn what they would be cooking the first week of MDK. " This meal was delicious", said Liliana Hernandez and... Read more

Delicious, awesome, yummy Bolognese

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The girls of SAA walked in the kitchen with a look of, "oh no." Mushrooms?? Faces dropped. Alurea Nixon said, "The mushroom bolognese... Read more

Students arrive ready to slice and dice

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Today our young girls entered week three of My Daughter's Kitchen with confidence and excitement. What's on the menu for today? Fish tacos... Read more
Family and friends help St. Augustine Academy students Téa Richards, Gianna Pino-Ramseur, Gladys Cruz, Lailah Gaymon, and Samantha Linares celebrate the last session of the My Daughter's Kitchen cooki

Week 8: A meal enjoyed by all

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Wow! What an awesome 8 weeks this has been. We asked the girls what meal they would like to make for their parents. Their choice? Curry... Read more
Gladys Cruz, Lailah Gaymon, Ann Strohacker, Gianna Pino-Ramseur, Samantha Linares, and Tea Richards sample the vegetarian chili and guacamole that they made during week 5 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at St. Augustine Academy.

Week 5: 'My favorite meal by far'

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Today was a great knife skills day! "This is my favorite meal by far," exclaimed Samantha Linares. "The chili was salty and fresh, the chili... Read more