Nina Ramunno, Zaniyah Brown, Laila Jackson-Clay and Ella Travis make the roux for the clam chowder recipe during week 6 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at Russell Byers and General George A. McCall schools.

Week 6: Cornmeal comparison

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Before making the corn bread, we compared fresh, local cornmeal and a supermarket brand. The girls could really see and smell the difference!... Read more
Amorae Wolf and Laila Jackson-Clay adjust the spice on the guacamole they made during week 5 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at Russell Byers.

Week 5: Seeking right balance of salt and spice

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"Just keep chopping!", Laila Jackson-Clay said to encourage Amorae Wolf. There were many vegetables to chop today, and with a shortage of hands... Read more
Amorae Wolf and Laila Jackson-Clay show their completed vegetable crudite platter with homemade ranch dip that they made during the week 4 My Daughter’s Kitchen cooking class at Russell Byers Charter School.

Week 4: Let's talk about texture

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Textures were the hot topic as our chefs chopped and tasted the vegetables in both recipes. Raw potatoes were soft and easy to slice. Cooked... Read more
Laila Jackson-Clay and Amorae Wolf snip kale for the pasta that they are making during week 3 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at Russell Byers.

Week 3: Techniques and tools

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The girls' knife skills are really coming along. Samaya Goodwin could teach her own class on chopping veggies! The students also had an opportunity... Read more
Amorae Wolf, Laila Jackson-Clay, and Samaya Goodwin saute ingredients for turkey sloppy joes during week 2 of the Spring 2016 My Daughter’s Kitchen Program at Russell Byers School.

Week 2: 'This dish went way above my expectations'

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"This dish went way above my expectations! I didn't think the meat and vegetables would go together," Samaya Goodwin said, referring to the... Read more
Amorae Wolf, Laila Jackson-Clay and Samaya Goodwin prepare the batter for the week 1 recipe during the My Daughter’s Kitchen program at Russell Byers School, Spring 2016.

Week 1: Mixed reviews for the Dutch baby pancake

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Excited to dive into the first recipe of the semester, the girls enjoyed measuring and mixing the ingredients. They also loved practicing their... Read more