'My Daughter's Kitchen' is not just for girls

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Sabriha Reid and Janna Baker took care in breaking the Caulifower florets for the Cauliflower, apple and pecan dish. Nahmir Flemming, while... Read more
Mariem Cherifahmed serves crudite with homemade ranch dressing to her brother, Ali, while Sean Green and his mother look on. The Philadelphia Montessori Charter School students prepared crudite, turkey sloppy joes, and strawberry shortcake during the fina

Week 8: Awards for most adventurous, most daring and more

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Our young chefs at Philadelphia Montessori Charter School chose turkey sloppy joes, curdité with ranch dressing, and strawberry shortcake... Read more
Myla Baxter displays the finished New England Clam Chowder that she and other students made during week 6 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at Philadelphia Montessori, Wednesday section.

Week 6: Cornbread needed more cheese, salt, sugar

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By this week, it was obvious that our young chef's are pros at chopping. Even the onions came off without a glitch, except for a few tears... Read more
 Aniyiah Winchester dices potatoes for the chowder that students made during week 6 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at Philadelphia Montessori Charter School.

Week 6: "Delicious!" "Chewy!" "Rich!"

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Energy swooshed, swelled, and snowballed in the kitchen at Philadelphia Montessori Charter School. After a day spent taking the PSSAs, Pennsylvania's... Read more
Alhaji Succoh wears stylish no-tears, onion cutting goggles while Da'Rynn Brown scoops the avocado needed for this week's guacamole during lesson 5 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at Philadelphia Montessori Charter School.  

Week 5: 'Hot! Hot! Hot!'

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With a quick refresher on the difference between chopped, diced, and minced, the students were down to business, acting as veritable prep cooks... Read more
Nahmir Fleming, Sean Green, Mariem Cherifahmed, Myla Baxter and Sanai Henry prepare to sample the salmon and kale dishes they made as part of the Week 3 My Daughter’s Kitchen class at Philadelphia Mon

Week 3: If at first you don't succeed...

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There were so many new tastes and smells this week....bitter garlic, minty basil, sweet peppers. But it was the vinaigrette with olive oil... Read more
Sanai Henry, Mariem Cherifahmed, Myla Baxter, Nahmir Fleming, and Sean Green display the quick pickles and turkey sloppy joes that they made during Week 2 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at Philadelphia Mont

Week 2: A second chance for onions and cucumbers

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Sloppy Joe's are a popular lunch item on our school menu at PMCS. The students were excited to recreate this recipe and to make homemade pickles... Read more
Jayla Baxter dices celery while Alhaji Saccoh waits his turn. The students are preparing turkey sloppy joes and quick pickles as part of the Spring 2016 My Daughter’s Kitchen cooking program at Philad

Week 2: Lower-fat, not lower flavor

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"Who wants to taste Worcestershire sauce?," I asked? All hands but one shot up. "Who wants to taste hot sauce?" All hands but one again. Dollops... Read more