We make recipes - and really good friends

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The fourth week of our our cooking class saw a flurry of activity while the girls cleaned, chopped vegetables, prepared the chicken, set... Read more

Chopping, dicing, spiralizing our way to tasty minestrone

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The girls were enthusiastic as usual and our preparation of "Alice Water's Minestrone Soup" involved a lot of chopping, dicing and even spiralizing... Read more

Tortellini tasty, with slightly too many peas

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We had another fun session at Olney El, this week, made all the more festive in that we also celebrated Tavyanna Sovann's 12th birthday... Read more

Scrambled eggs, banana oatmeal applesauce cake 'not just edible, but delicious'

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Despite low attendance (due to illness) we got off to a great start at Olney El due to the enthusiasm of 6th graders Rachel Velasquez and... Read more
Wendy Simon Sinkler monitors Nathan Coleman and Carlos Laureno as they portion batter into muffin tins for the cheddar cornbread. The students made clam chowder and cornbread during week 6 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at Olney Elementary.

Week 6: Teamwork with tasty results

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While everyone was exciting about cooking the cheddar corn bread, we weren't completely sold on how the New England Clam Chowder would turn... Read more
Sauliyah Hammond dices the jalapeno for the vegetarian chili students prepared during week 5 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at Olney Elementary

Week 5: Layers of wonderful spices and flavors

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Choppin', communication and chillen' were the three c's for week 5. The students couldn't wait to show off their knife skills with one another... Read more

Week 4: Fun, cubed

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The students huddled around the table as we did an ingredient "roll call". As Ms. Liesner shouted out the ingredients, the students took turns... Read more
Students at Olney Elementary sample the week 3 My Daughter’s Kitchen recipes family-style.

Week 3: Working as a family

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With smiling faces and an enthusiastic attitude the students hurried over to the sink to wash their hands. "What's on the menu today?" asked... Read more