Students prepare the dough for the strawberry shortcake recipe during week 7 of the My Daughter’s Kitchen cooking program at Lewis Elkin.

Week 7: "We can't wait to make this again"

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The cooking club cooked a delicious meal this week. Before we started cooking we discussed what we would make for our final meal. Everyone... Read more

Week 5: "I like that we make food I've never tasted before"

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The cooking class at Lewis Elkin Elementary School had been long anticipated. It was supposed to start last fall, but the teacher in charge... Read more
William Torres and Devin Santana mix ingredients for the chowder that students made during week 6 of the My Daughter’s Kitchen cooking program at Lewis Elkin Elementary School.

Week 6: Looking forward to trying something new

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After the second day of PSSA testing, the boys were eager to get to the kitchen and start cooking. They were all tired but looking forward... Read more
William Torres and Xavier Polanco cube meat for the quick beef stew recipe during week 4 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at Lewis Elkin.

Week 4: Restaurant-ready ranch

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The boys were excited to start cooking again after the break. Cutting the carrots proved to be a bit challenging for the boys but the were... Read more
William Torres prepares vegetables for the week 3 recipe during the My Daughter’s Kitchen cooking class at Elkin.

Week 3: New techniques and textures

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We know that sometimes our boys have difficult days. However, it seems that no matter what type of day they had, the boys always bring a positive... Read more
Christopher Moran-Vivar sautes the turkey sloppy joes as part of the My Daughter’s Kitchen cooking program at Lewis Elkin Elementary, Spring 2016.

Week 2: Seconds, please

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There was definitely some hesitation about this week's recipe. Christopher Moran-Vivar had tried a Sloppy Joe before and did not like it.... Read more
Ezequiel Valdez, Devin Santana, Xavier Polanco, William Torres, Christopher Moran-Vivar prepare a Dutch baby pancake and fruit salad at Lewis Elkin Elementary School, Spring 2016. The recipes were par

Week 1: Starting with a Slicing Lesson

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Since we had to postpone last fall’s program, everyone was super-excited to finally get started. After a healthy snack (carrots and salsa)... Read more