Confident chefs take control as they prepare mushroom Bolognese

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Our team of intrepid chefs struggled to pronounce “bolognese”, but had no trouble articulating how they felt about... Read more

Waldorf salad great with pears instead of apples

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Because the soup would take an hour to cook, we jumped right into the prep, discussing as we chopped. Our students are beginning to function... Read more

Completely customizable stuffed peppers

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We talked about how stuffed peppers are a complete, affordable, easy meal and all the different things you could stuff them with. Suggestions... Read more

Lots of nutrition in fish taco, pickle slaw, sweet potato fry recipes

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We started our lesson discussing the recipe and what ingredients filled “My Plate”: the breakdown of what should fill our plates... Read more
Community Partnership school students Jordan Laws and Alana Baggett prepare My Daughter's Kitchen recipes for their families during the final week of the spring session of the cooking program.

Week 8: Mission accomplished

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We were concerned our kids would not be happy about making Chicken with Cauliflower, Apricots and Olives for their "special guests" meal, because... Read more
fd1notebook21z-a.jpg Journey Mickens-Ricketts, Harry Johnson, instructor Katie Rhodes, Jordan Laws, and Eyoni Evans-Roane assemble ingredients for the clam chowder that students made during week 6 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at Community Partnership School.

Week 6: Plenty of jobs to go around

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With one student absent, there were plenty of jobs to go around. Lots of chopping, so students had a chance to practice their knife skills... Read more
Harry Johnson, volunteer Jill Kaiserman, and Jordan Laws prepare vegetarian chili during week 5 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at Community Partnership School.

Week 5: Heat helped hide beans in the chili

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We welcomed our surprise guest, Tyler Conway, our students' 5th grade teacher. Tyler participated in our class and witnessed the skills his... Read more
Alana Baggett acts as “head chef” during the week 4 My Daughter’s Kitchen cooking class at Community Partnership School.

Week 4: Hooray for crudite

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Alana Baggett was the "head chef" this week and she quickly assigned tasks to the other students. But first, we read the ingredients of bottled... Read more