Students show their strengths making stir-fry and carrot cake muffins

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As the mini-chefs read the recipes, they were just a bit concerned about the steps in the recipes. They looked a little complicated! But... Read more

Students divide up prep of mushroom Bolognese and salad with lemon vinaigrette

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By now, the Junior chefs knew exactly how to get started. Most went directly to the cooking cabinet to pull out the necessary supplies... Read more

Lentil soup, Waldorf salad win over the skeptics

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Who doesn’t like soup? The mini-chefs are “souper” excited about this recipe. They love carrots. They love celery... Read more

Stuffed Pepper recipe long, but with careful reading, a success

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As the mini-chefs looked at the recipe, they wondered what a stuffed pepper was, how would it look? Would they look like little green pillows?”... Read more

Not your ordinary cheese-covered tacos

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The mini-chefs were running on full steam from the success of last week’s delicious chicken dish. They are familiar with tacos, so their... Read more

Cauliflower with a little kick

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Due to the unanimous success of last week’s recipe, the Junior chefs were confident and ready to go! They enjoyed the aroma of the fresh... Read more

Breakfast Veggie Pockets: “I don’t like peppers, but it all blends together”

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As the day progressed, the anticipation was building. The junior chefs of Comly Elementary school were super excited!! We all gathered in... Read more
Anajeel Kazmi, Hane Fonda, Tyler Mangan, Jenn Sullivan, and Sophia Chau display their certificates during the last session of the Spring 2016 My Daughter’s Kitchen cooking program at Comly.

Week 8: Ohhs and ahhhs

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Well, the excitement built all week as the junior chefs realized the end was drawing near. They chatted about who was coming to the “tasting”... Read more