Paola Rodriguezm Taniyah Waples, and Melany Morales prepare curried chicken with cauliflower, olives and apricots during week 7 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at Camden Promise Charter School.

Week 7: The chicken was devoured

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I'm so proud of Camden Promise's Paola Rodriguez for willingly trying the vanilla yoghurt, a new food, and liking it. Not surprisingly, the... Read more
Paola Rodriguez and Taniyah Waples participate in week 6 of the My Daughter’s Kitchen cooking program at Camden Promise Charter School. Students prepared clam chowder and cornbread.

Week 6: Cornbread: 'yea', chowder: 'nay'

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Students at Camden Promise Charter School practiced knife skills chopping lots of vegetables for the fish chowder, learned how to make a roux... Read more
Guacamole mixed in with the vegetarian chili students prepared during week 5 of the My Daughter’s Kitchen cooking program. ED HILLE / Staff Photographer

Week 5: Students overcame their reservations

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Just two students attended on the day after Spring break, and our recipes gave them much opportunity to practice knife skills. To protect... Read more
Camden Promise Charter School students Taniyah Waples, Paola Rodriguez, and Melany Morales improvised when the required salad dressing ingredients weren’t available for their week 3 My Daughter’s Kitc

Week 3: Cooking calls for creativity and flexibility

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This week at Camden Promise Charter School we learned that cooking calls for creativity and flexibility. An ingredient in the salad dressing... Read more

Week 1: Enthusiastic thumbs down

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Although the students at Camden Promise Charter School were enthusiastic chefs, they unanimously agreed that Banana Dutch Baby was not a pleasing... Read more