Details make the fish tacos, pickle slaw and oven fries a big hit

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The fish tacos with pickled slaw and oven baked sweet potato fries were a big hit. The cilantro that was a key ingredient in the red cabbage... Read more

Eager to try breakfast pita pockets at home

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Our four fifth-graders, on their first class, were given an introduction to some of the basic procedures and terminology that will be needed... Read more
Blessed Trinity student Charlotte Codd expertly slices cauliflower during week 7 of the My Daughter’s Kitchen cooking program. Students learned recipes for strawberry shortcake and curried chicken with cauliflower, apricots, and olives.

Week 7: No leftovers -The students ate all of it!

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This week's recipes challenged the student's personal taste limits. The chicken's blend of spices and ingredients were unlike anything the... Read more
Elaine Boucher and Kayla Nguyen measure spices for the vegetarian chili that the class made during week 5 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at Blessed Trinity.

Week 5: Ingredients didn't meld this week

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Our Wednesday group enjoyed its chili, but the avocados that they had to make guacamole were not close to being ripe. On Thursday, they had... Read more

Week 4: Prepared with precision

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Our Thursday class made a beef stew that required them to show their knife skills. Carrots and potatoes needed to be uniformly chopped, onions... Read more

Week 3: Would these kids go for the canned salmon and kale?

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by Maureen Fitzgerald, FOOD EDITOR Charlotte Codd, 11, a fifth grader at Blessed Trinity school in Mayfair, did not want to go to play practice... Read more
Camryn Arnold and Megan LoMastro eat the turkey sloppy joe sliders they made during week 2 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at Blessed Trinity.

Week 2: Family-friendly favorite

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This week's meal was a rounding success, not only for our young chefs, but for interested by-standers who were able to sample some of the extra... Read more
Selena Nguyen, Chris Peterson, Charlotte Codd, Kayla Nguyen, and Elaine Boucher prepare the recipe during week 1 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at Blessed Trinity Catholic School, Spring 2016.

Week 1: Fluffy, chewy, improvised

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Our Wednesday class had bananas for their recipe. The Thursday class had to improvise, and thanks to a student's suggestion, substituted fresh... Read more