Week 7: "I feel like a true chef"

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The chefs at Bayard Taylor were really impressed by this dish! "I feel like a true chef," Ileana Carrion declared. "This dish brings out all... Read more
Tyrone Moore III adds clams while Rosalina Delgado stirs the pot during week 6 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at Bayard Taylor. Students learned recipes for New England clam chowder and cornbread.

Week 6: Tasty cornbread and chowder

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Tyrone Moore III, Bryana Sierra, Kevin Pagan and Emiliana Zayas display the guacamole they made during week 5 of My Daughter’s Kitchen at Bayard Taylor.

Week 5: More fun to prepare than to eat

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It was such a delight watching each of the chefs at Bayard Taylor on Wednesday showing off their chopping, dicing and slicing skills developed... Read more
Students at Bayard Taylor prepare the quick beef stew recipe during week 4 of the My Daughter’s Kitchen cooking program.

Week 4: Splitting into teams helped with recipe prep

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The boys were in charge of cooking the beef stew and the girls chopped,sliced and mixed the ingredients for the crudité and ranch dip... Read more
Bryana Sierra, Ashley Colon, and Emiliana Zayas peel veggies for the salad and zest lemon for the pasta dish that they are making as part of week 3 of the My Daughter’s Kitchen cooking program at Baya

Week 3: 'I loved this the best'

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The Salmon and Kale Pasta was a big hit with the Bayard Taylor chefs, all of whom took a second helping. Kevin Pagan summed it up by writing... Read more
Bayard Taylor students Anayes Delacruz and Ileana Carrion peel and slice cucumbers for the quick pickles that the My Daughter’s Kitchen class prepared during their week 2 lesson.

Week 2: Master chefs and 'cuke queens'

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Shakoor and Jose teamed up this week and were the Master Chefs! These boys can do it all and this week they were pros at chopping and dicing... Read more