Saturday, December 27, 2014

Look what Chamya made!

Chamya Davis made the salmon cakes for her family. Jayla Reeves did too!

Look what Chamya made!

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Chamya Davis prepared salmon cakes for her family from the ingredients sent home after last week’s lesson, and she emailed this beautiful photo to prove it. Her dad told her that they were better than the ones he makes. So exciting!

Did anyone else make them?

Jayla whipped out her phone and showed me a photo of the very impressive salmon cakes she had made at home.


Kayla said she made them as well, but forgot about taking a photo. Hope said she was going to make them his weekend.

And then Maliyah. The bag of ingredients split open as she was carrying them home, and the eggs broke and some of the ingredients spilled out. And on top of that, her dog had chewed up her prize from last week, a plastic wallet that looked like bacon, she couldn’t get it away from him. “He’s a bulldog and he’s really fast,” she said. “We call him Lightning.’”

Bad luck, Maliyah. But I think you will be happy with this week’s meal: chicken.

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