A couple recipes for Thanksgiving

My daughter Sally and her friends are hosting a “fakes-giving” at her apartment this week.
It’s a lovely tradition a lot of young people are adopting, a turkey feast with all the trimmings prepared and shared by friends, before or after the day with family.
It gives the younger generation a chance to celebrate and give thanks in their own way, without the stress or expectations of a family gathering.
But they still need recipes. Sally is making the turkey (which I argue is the easiest contribution), and I suggested two easy side dishes: cranberry relish and sweet potatoes with lime and honey.
The cranberry relish is so easy, it’s ridiculous. This recipe was given to us by Rosie Hymerling, the kindergarten teacher for all three of our children. Rosie used to cook with her students in class as much as she could. She was also the very first person to call at 8 a.m. the day the blog was launched. I promised her that Sally and I would come to her house and cook with her, so stay tuned for more of Rosie’s recipes.
But back to the cranberries. I believe this recipe was also printed on the back of the bag of cranberries for awhile. It requires no cooking, only a whir of the food processor and a few hours in the fridge. And we love the results.
The sweet potato dish is compliments of my sister Kathy, who brought it to Thanksgiving dinner one year. One taste and we never made the version with mini-marshmallows on top again.

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