Sauce for Everyone!

This past weekend I ran the National Race to End Women's Cancer with a group of my friends. A few months ago, my friend Marissa found out her mom was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and we ran on her behalf, raising money for The Clearity Foundation. Coming from a running family, I know the doctrine—night before a big race you must carbo load. So, my roommates and I decided we’d invite everyone over to our apartment for a pasta party. After my great success with the homemade sauce, Saucy Sally was drafted to make the tomato sauce! When I agreed, I didn’t realize this meant cooking for 15 people!! Again erring on the side of too much instead of too little, I tripled the sauce recipe! I have to say it was a group effort with friends chopping onion, carrots, and garlic. When it was time to immersion blend, I cleared the kitchen afraid the sauce would splatter and I’d get sauce all over everyone! Luckily, I kept the blender submerged in the sauce, and it was fine. Also Momma, you will be proud to know that I used the appropriate amount of cayenne pepper!


Don’t keep the sauce on low heat when making 3x the recipe—I went to taste midway through and the sauce was cold! I immediately cranked it up to medium to high heat for the last 15 minute of the 30 minute simmer. I think the sauce was a little more watery than the first batch, probably because at low heat the water in the tomatoes didn’t evaporate off as much. Yet, all in all, it was a great success!! My roommates Kat and Sara made delicious garlic bread and our friend Leah brought over a big salad. I think we cooked 3 batches of spaghetti both gluten filled and gluten free.


We all completed the 8k, had a great time, and raised money for a good cause!! Thanks momma for the recipe!!

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