Friday, December 19, 2014

Working mama adaptation

One of my daughter's co-workers suggested a time saving tip on the tomato sauce

Working mama adaptation


One of my daughter's co-workers, Kerry Goetz, made what she called "the working mama sauce version" of the Rustic Tomato Sauce. Here's what Kerry told us in an email:  

So I didn’t bother grating the carrots and just cut them into chunks and put them in the large pot with the oil and onion and cooked at medium heat until the onions were soft and releasing their juices (about 10 min).  Then I followed the rest of the recipe.  The carrots were soft by the time they hit the blender and all tasted just great in the end.  Saved 15 minutes from the original recipe. I  made it with garlic toast and some packaged salad.  It was a hit and I have lots of sauce which I’ll prob freeze for another time.  Very very very good :).

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