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Rustic tomato sauce and turkey meatballs

An old fashioned dinner, updated

Rustic tomato sauce and turkey meatballs

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Rustic tomato sauce with pasta and turkey meatballs

When my daughter and I decided to start a cooking blog, I wanted to teach her the recipes she remembered eating at home, along with good basics that she could make for herself, her friends, and, one day, her own family.
I think of recipes as alive and ever-changing, so I plan to update many of the recipes I made for my children when they were growing up. I’d like the recipes to reflect our current taste and, especially, our attempt to eat healthfully without sacrificing flavor.
I have always loved this tomato sauce from The Silver Palate Cookbook, which has a rich and rustic flavor that results from cooking onions and carrots together in olive oil to begin the sauce.
This recipe was made immensely easier with the invention of the immersion blender, which eliminated the mess of ladling hot tomato sauce from the pot to the Cuisinart to puree. (But honestly, I loved this sauce so much, I did it!)
The meatball recipe is a combination of a basic Betty Crocker recipe I used for years with tweaks from another recipe from Kim Severson, a New York Times food writer who shared her mother’s meatball recipe.
Neither of those recipes calls for ground turkey, but in the interest of reducing the fat, I tried it with ground turkey (and with gluten-free breadcrumbs for my celiac daughter), and I have to tell you I preferred the turkey to the ground beef. I made both versions, since my husband said he would just eat the sauce and pasta, he would not be eating turkey meatballs.
But he couldn’t help himself: “I didn’t want to like them,” he admitted. “But they really are terrific.”
The evidence was the pyramid of turkey meatballs atop the pasta and sauce on his plate.

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