Welcome to My Daughter's Kitchen

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Ingredients for making roasted chicken with vegetables (photo by Nicko Margolies

MAUREEN: When my daughter said she wanted to start cooking more, I jumped at the chance to convince her this was a great idea: That, in fact, she already knew how to cook. That most cooking is quite simple. That even the most daunting techniques become easy with practice, just like the pancakes she made so expertly at age 5.

And, as most people who cook regularly already know, it's much cheaper to cook at home than to eat out, and that even goes for fast food, as Mark Bittman recently wrote in the New York Times. So cooking will save money!

I proposed the idea of chatting each weekend with my daughter, who shares an apartment with college friends, telling her what I was planning for the week ahead, sharing my shopping list and recipes, which I could walk her through.

Her response: "Mom, we could do a blog!"

Thus, "my daughter's kitchen" was born. Our goal is to cook at least twice a week, each preparing the same recipe, she in her kitchen, me in mine, as we work through a number of our family's favorites, as well as trying new recipes. (And being a food editor does give me access to a mother lode of cookbooks — new and legacy!)

The mission is to help her develop a repertoire of easy, weeknight dinners, with the idea that those meals will produce leftovers for other dinners or lunches throughout the week. In addition, we will tackle longer cooking projects on the weekends, and even come up with some approachable meals for inviting friends to dinner, or hosting a Sunday brunch.

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