“Anything with mushrooms is good”

Timothy Kelso gets ready to eat the mushroom Bolognese during week 6 of the fall 2016 My Daughter's Kitchen cooking program at Loesche.


We reviewed “mise en place” with the students because it was important for our Mushroom Bolognese recipe. 

Ciara German and Timothy Kelso starting chopping the mushrooms, while Julia Bieneman, Rosayah Greer and Mia Cooper diced the celery, carrots, onions and garlic Everyone took turns adding and stirring the Bolognese while also making the salad and lemon vinaigrette. “Anything with mushrooms is good,” shouted Ciara. However, not everybody agreed, until we ate it with the pasta. “Yum-my!” was the review for both the Bolognese and the Lemon Vinaigrette salad. 


-- Susan Munafo & Jane Pupis