Does Cunningham support Vick addition?

As the Michael Vick story continues to unfold, we've heard opinions from just about everyone.

Columnists, ex-players, coaches, politicians -- each trying to take a stance and offer a different spin on the situation.

But as we all know, few can offer a "different spin" like former Eagles quarterback Randall Cunningham.

Cunningham joined ESPN 950's Mike Missanelli yesterday to discuss Vick's addition. He said we did not create this world, and Vick's redemption is in God's hands. He also praised Jeffrey Lurie for carefully considering the move before making a decision.

"Am I for it? I'm happy that people get a second, third, fourth, fifth chance regardless to what they've done," Cunningham said. "The man [Vick] has gone, basically completely broke. He's done everything he could to reconcile himself to what he had done. There have been people who have murdered people and got a second chance."

Missanelli asked Cunningham if people who are not willing to forgive Vick are less Christian. Cunningham said he wouldn't go that far.

"I just think that people as a people, we're opinionated," he said. "We want our opinion to mean something, but if we put ourselves in the same predicament as other people, people would say Jeffrey Dahmer deserved the electric chair or whatever, and God would say, 'As long as you give me your life, I'll give you a chance to have eternal life with me.' Thank God we're not God because we would mess this world up."

That last line drew a chuckle from Missanelli, and likely 99 percent of the people who were listening.

Cunningham also discussed Vick's ability on the field, saying he fully expected the new Eagle to retain his skills despite being away from the game for more than two years. He went as far as saying Vick could play 15, 16 or 17 years in the NFL and be successful.

"I'm in the gym right now, and I can bench-press just as much as I did in the pros," Cunningham said. "I can run and throw the ball. My arm has not changed at all. Now whether I could take all of those hits, that's a whole other story. I don't think I could take the hits."

And finally, he talked about the question that will not go away. How will Vick's addition impact Donovan McNabb?

"Donovan is one of the most patient, long-suffering, consistent and committed players that I've ever played with," Cunningham said. "I never second-guess him, ever worried about anything. I think the team knows this is not about Michael Vick coming in and trying to take Donovan McNabb's position. This is about making the team better."

So there you have it. Like I said, always a different spin with Randall. No one can argue differently.

I'll be back later telling you why we care about tonight's Eagles-Colts game. And join me for a live chat at 8 p.m. for updates and commentary on the action.