Banner reflects on 'best roster' comment

Joe Banner made waves when he told Bob Ford of the Inquirer that the Eagles had the "best roster" in the NFL.

Since then, the injuries piled up at Lehigh and the Birds suffered one of the most devastating camps in recent memory.

Fans, reporters, and well, pretty much everyone, brought up the "best roster" comment over and over again.

Tonight, during a pre-game interview on ABC-6, Banner was asked to reflect on what he had said.

"Well I think I said we'd start with the best roster but that could be old news after one day so I think we've seen what happened but I still feel very confident in this team," he said. "It's a very good talent on the team. We've got an excellent mixture of young players and veteran players. Great attitude. I'm sure anybody who's been up at Lehigh has seen the tremendous work ethic of the guys. They're really determined and they're real optimistic so I'm excited."

To be fair to Banner, he did qualify his initial remarks by saying injuries play a major factor.

Here's the exact quote:

"I feel this year we have the best roster in the league," Banner said. "That's assuming everyone is healthy and standing at the end. You can only make a statement like that on the first day of training camp. After that, anything can happen."

How prophetic looking back, huh?