Your turn: Grade the Eagles

It's your turn to grade the Eagles after their 24-13 preseason victory over the Panthers. Check back this weekend for the results.

In the mean time, here are some of your comments from my game blog. Feel free to chime in with other thoughts from the game.

Should Donovan McNabb have come back into the game after play was delayed because of stormy weather? (Mel Evans/AP)

From shoeshineboy:

Kasay makes his FG in the rain. Dont want to hear the weather as an excuse for Akers

I like this comment because someone was still watching (and reading) at 11:32 p.m. when most others were either asleep or tuning in to the Phils. Nice job shoeshineboy.

From dannyesb

I almost want to get my hopes up about Jackson. He looks awesome.

I think it's OK to ALMOST get your hopes up dannyesb. Jackson has been good in the first two preseason games. I thought it was interesting to see him play pretty much the whole game tonight. Almost wonder if Andy Reid was sending him some kind of message. I'll be interested to see what the beat guys have to say about this tomorrow. As for his impact on the season, I would temper my optimism. Personally, I'm in "believe it when I see it" mode in terms of a rookie wide receiver making an impact in this offense.

From TR:

is protecting mcnabb from comments? im trying to say he looks awful!

TR, it looks like you were having some technical difficulties, but your comment did end up appearing. I can assure you we have no deal with Donovan to protect him from being criticized on the site. That being said, it's probably a little harsh to say he looked "awful." He looked OK, which is how most players look at this stage in the preseason.

From dksurf:

SK, the D looks as tho they're in tune...the O? Well, TBD...

A few different Eagles players made nice plays for the first-team defense -- Mike Patterson, Asante Samuel come to mind. There are still a lot of question marks about this unit though. Brian Dawkins showed he can still deliver a big hit, but he also got dragged almost 10 yards by Carolina running back DeAngelo Williams on an earlier play.

From tua09788:

i dont mind mcnabb throwing 24 times...let's see how he holds up in the next game...most important one

Maybe it's just me, but it seems a little over the top to have McNabb drop back that many times in a preseason game. I also thought it was insane to have the starters -- Brian Westbrook in particular -- come back out after the rain delay.