Your take: McNabb's a franchise QB

Over the Memorial Day weekend, we referenced a National Football Post article, in which Matt Bowen compiled a list of current franchise quarterbacks.

The list did not include Donovan McNabb. He was grouped with five other QBs considered to be "on the fence."

In our previous post, we included a poll asking you, the MTC readership, whether McNabb is indeed a franchise quarterback, and the feedback was overwhelming.

As of this writing, 2,537 of you had chimed in (along with 162 comments), and the majority (85.5 %) believe that McNabb is a franchise quarterback.

So now when the national media slams Eagles fans for not appreciating McNabb, you can point to our poll in addition to the one the Eagles' Web site had up awhile back, in which fans voted him the best QB in franchise history.

Meanwhile, a link I never got to last week.'s Sal Paolantonio writes about the Eagles having cap space and counts the ways they could have spent their money this offseason. Among his recommendations are reworking McNabb's deal and adding a veteran running back.

Looking back, Paolantonio writes that the team easily could have matched the Broncos' offer for Brian Dawkins. And he also makes the case that they could have gone hard after Anquan Boldin and/or Tony Gonzalez.

Looking ahead, you'd have to think they're going to do something about reworking McNabb's deal. In this blogger's opinion, that's going to happen before the start of the '09 season.

As far as needing a veteran running back, I don't see a guy out there who excites me. Edgerrin James? No thanks. I'll take my chances with Brian Westbrook and LeSean McCoy.