Your Eagles highlights and grades

Before we get to your grades from the Eagles' victory over the Steelers, I have a link to pass along. has a feature that allows you to cut your own highlight packages. You pick the clips from the first three weeks, the sequence, the soundtrack, etc. You can even incorporate the soothing voice of the legendary Merrill Reese. It should come as no surprise that Eagles fans have dominated this thing so far. The top-rated video is a cut titled "Super Bowl" that has Birds highlights from the first three weeks.

Anyway, take your shot at this and e-mail me if you think you've got something good so I can pass along the link to everyone. If you're wondering why we don't have this feature on, it's because the NFL only allows us to use about three seconds of "their" video about every six months. Ok, so that's exaggerating, but it's not a lot. And just by writing that, it's quite possible they'll black out every game this weekend on my TV at home. I truly believe they have that kind of power.

Tip of the cap to managing producer Bob McGovern for passing along the link.

Now on to your Eagles grades, where we take a look at how you evaluated the Birds compared to Paul Domowitch of the Daily News:

Run offense; Domo's grade: D-minus
A - 2%
B - 22%   
C - 54% 
D - 17%  
F - 2%

Pass offense; Domo's grade: B-minus

A - 4% 
B - 45% 
C - 42% 
D - 5%  
F  - 2%

Run defense; Domo's grade: A-plus

A - 94%
B - 4% 
C - 0%
D - 0%
F - 0%

Pass defense; Domo's grade: A-plus

A - 83% 
B - 14%
C - 0%
D - 0%
F - 0%

Special teams; Domo's grade: A-minus

A - 46%  
B  - 44%
C  - 7%
D - 0%
F - 0%

Overall; Domo's grade: A-minus
A - 28% 
B - 66%
C - 5%  
D - 0%
F - 0%