Year in Review: Stacy Andrews

Stacy Andrews started only two games for the Eagles in 2009. (Matt Rourke/AP file photo)

Here's what I wrote about Stacy Andrews in Man Up after the Eagles beat the Panthers in Week 1:

It looked to me like he probably was the least impressive of the Eagles' offensive linemen, but let's cut him some slack and remember he had offseason knee surgery and is playing on a new team. Andrews got beat a couple times on pass plays, once for a sack in the fourth quarter.

And then after Week 7 against the Redskins:

A lot of attention has been given to the additions and lack of effectiveness of Vick and Jeremiah Trotter. But what about Andrews? He got a $40 million contract, and can't even get on the field as we head towards Week 8. He was called for a penalty on one of the few plays where he was in and leads the team with four penalties on the season.

That will probably tell you all you need to know about how Andrews' first season with the Eagles went.

After signing a six-year, $38.9M deal in the offseason, he started just two games. Last week, the Daily News reported that the Eagles were willing to cut their losses and release Andrews if he did not agree to restructure his contract. But Andrews and his agent told the Inquirer and Daily News respectively that he was willing to work with the team on that.

During a six-game period from Week 11 to Week 16, Andrews was inactive. He got back on the active roster in Week 17 only after Jamaal Jackson went down with an injury and right guard Nick Cole had to slide over. Of course, even then, he played just one snap as the coaching staff showed it had more confidence in Max Jean-Gilles.

That decision was not surprising. In the loss to the Raiders in Week 6, Andrews barely got on the field even though Jean-Gilles turned in one of the worst performances by an Eagles offensive lineman all season.

Andrews' lone bright spot was the first game against the Giants. Briefly, it looked like he might be turning the corner. Two weeks later, he'd get his second start of the season against the Chargers, but struggled in pass protection.

The following week against Chicago, he was a healthy scratch.

Right guard and center are the two biggest question marks on the Eagles' offensive line. Jackson faces a tough recovery from a torn ACL, and Cole and Jean-Gilles are both restricted free agents.

The reports last week indicated that Andrews and the Eagles will be able to work something out in terms of his contract. But the coaching staff showed last season that it will not hand the right guard job to him just because he's making a lot of money.

Andrews' role going forward will likely depend on how his offseason goes and how healthy he is.

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