Would Vikings have won with Frerotte?

Apparently Vikings quarterback Gus Frerotte thinks he could have made a difference in Sunday's 26-14 loss to the Eagles.

Frerotte led the Vikings to an 8-3 record in the regular season before losing his job because of an injury. He had 12 touchdowns, 15 interceptions and a quarterback rating of 73.7. Vikings coach Brad Childress decided to go with Tarvaris Jackson even though Frerotte was healthy for the playoffs.

Frerotte told Yahoo's Michael Silver he felt like he should have been the one playing.

"I just don’t know what to think right now,” he told Silver after the game. “It was a very frustrating experience, because I felt like I should’ve been the one playing. That might sound selfish, but I think I would’ve given us the best chance to win. I’m going home to St. Louis [on Monday] to be with my family and figure out where things stand, but the way things played out at the end really makes me question things.”

Here are other notes from wild-card weekend that I haven't mentioned yet:

** Analyst Cris Collinsworth said during the Falcons-Cardinals game that Matt Ryan told him he was more nervous before playing the Eagles and Donovan McNabb in the regular season than he was before the playoff game. Ryan, the Penn Charter product, was intercepted twice in Atlanta's 30-24 loss, but otherwise had a great season.

** I wrote down in my notes during the Falcons-Cardinals game that it looked like Arizona kept jumping offsides in the first half. Some were called; others were not. The aggressive approach obviously paid off in the second half when the Cardinals' Darnell Dockett forced a fumble that was returned for a touchdown by Antrell Rolle, giving the Cardinals a 21-17 lead that they never relinquished.

** At first, I was going to comment on the excessive promotion by NBC of Bruce Springsteen playing at the Super Bowl. But it slowed down considerably during the second game Saturday night so we are not yet in "Freeeee Credit... Report Dot Com" territory. Also, NBC has no more games until the Super Bowl so this was their only chance to plug the entertainment.

** I'm not sure I'm on board with the Gatorade dumps during wild-card weekend. What kind of message are you sending? I know the Cardinals soaked Ken Whisenhunt, and I believe the Ravens got John Harbaugh. I say the Gatorade dump should be saved for clinching a division or a playoff spot, getting to the Super Bowl and obviously winning it all.

** It's been said by others but definitely deserves a mention here. What a difference the field-position game can make. Eagles fans saw it on Sunday. And Chargers fans most definitely noticed it Saturday night. San Diego punter Mike Scifres was an absolute difference-maker. All six of his punts were downed inside the 20, and five pinned Indy inside its own 11. Incredible job.

** The more I think about it, the more obvious it is that the Chargers deserved to win the game. Think about it. San Diego pretty much had two turnovers in the end zone (a Darren Sproles fumble and a Philip Rivers interception). And the Colts' only score after halftime was the Peyton Manning pass to Reggie Wayne where he caught the Chargers' defense sleeping.

** It's been a lovefest for Ed Reed this week, and rightfully so. He had a pair of interceptions against the Dolphins, returning one back for a touchdown. It's funny, because I was in Baltimore last year and the praise for Reed just wasn't there. Instead there was criticism that he gambled too much and was too often out of position. I think the difference is Reed has teammates this year who can pick up the slack and allow him to be a ballhawk, which is obviously what he does best. Last year when he was caught out of position, the Ravens were burned for big plays.