Who's picking the Eagles?

Here's our weekly look at who's picking the Eagles, along with some links that I didn't get to earlier in the week. I'll be here at 7:45 for our in-game Eagles-Cardinals chat.

And oh yeah, Happy Thanksgiving.

Check out Eagletarian for the Daily News' staff picks.

SI.com's Peter King likes the Eagles in a 24-23 game:

Turkey Day Game of the Day. Too bad America's going to be all tryptophaned-out and sleeping through half of it. I can't blame the Cardinals for cat-napping here either. Do you realize they were due to report to work for a compressed day in Tempe on Wednesday at 6 a.m., and after meetings and practice, were to get on a plane for the 2,300-miles trip to Philly ... and then meet some more when they got to the hotel?

ESPN.com's John Clayton will be watching to see how the fans react to McNabb:

There is plenty of drama in this one. Eagles QB Donovan McNabb was benched in Week 12 but he's back as the starter. The most interesting part of the game is to see how Eagles fans react to him. The benching is probably going to lead to McNabb's exodus after the season.

SI.com's Don Banks has the Eagles 21st in his power rankings:

A big, slip-and-slide tumble down the board for the flailing Eagles, who almost every year now seem to have one of these three-week stints where the sky comes crashing down on their heads. But as someone once said, it is always darkest right before it's completely black. With all appearing lost, naturally I expect Philly to wake up and put a decent-sized whipping on the Cardinals on Thursday night.

ESPN.com has the Eagles 21st in its power rankings:

This is a team in turmoil. A loss against the Cardinals on Thursday could signal the immediate end of the Donovan McNabb era.

CBSSports.com's Pete Prisco has the Eagles 22nd in his power rankings:

Donovan McNabb stays in at quarterback, which is the right thing to do. But if it goes bad Thursday night, it could get ugly at home.

SI.com's King thinks Andy Reid should give Kevin Kolb a shot the rest of the season:

Can he still play? Maybe. Probably. But there's no guarantee he can ever be the same McNabb who played well (well, not consistently great) for eight years. If you think enough of a prospect to draft him as high as the Eagles picked Kolb (36th overall), you've got to give him a chance before he leaves in free-agency. If McNabb continued to play at a B to B-plus level, I'd say fine -- let Kolb go when he hits the market. But McNabb's been a C-minus quarterback this year, with an F the last three weeks.

FoxSports.com's Mark Kriegel wonders why McNabb's teammates haven't spoken up in support of him:

Great quarterbacks — and perhaps McNabb's curse is having everybody believe he should've been one — go through tough times. He's allowed to have a bad stretch. But the most damning evidence coming out of Philadelphia is what's not coming out of Philadelphia. It's not just the lack of love from the fans. It's McNabb's teammates. Where are they? Where's the show of support?

SI.com's King named Quintin Demps one of his special teams players of the week:

With the Eagle offense in the biggest funk of the season -- maybe of Andy Reid's decade-long career -- Demps took immense pressure off McNabb. With Philly down 10-0, Demps took a Baltimore kickoff 100 yards and provided the only offensive pulse of the day for the Eagles, narrowing the Ravens' lead to 10-7. That led to ...

SI.com's Banks wonders about Reid's message:

All I really know is that the NFL's 10-year rule seems to be playing a factor in all of this. Although there are exceptions, 10 years in the same place is about the extent of an NFL head coach's lifespan these days. After that, people just tire of you, your message and your lack of being able to deliver championships every season. And given that Reid and McNabb are in their 10th season together in Philly, it's only natural that the issue of when their tenure should end seems to be thought of as a package deal.

FoxSports.com's Adrian Hasenmayer has the Eagles 19th in his power rankings:

Wow. Remarkable. Did Andy Reid really bench Donovan McNabb at halftime of a 10-7 gave against one of the planet's best defenses, putting Kevin Kolb in for his first true action of his NFL life against Ray Lewis and Co.? Can you say desperate? It doesn't look like Andy Reid's Eagles are getting closer to winning that elusive Super Bowl title.

CBSSports.com's Prisco likes the Cardinals, 27-24:

Donovan McNabb stays in as the starter for the Eagles, which could make for an interesting night. If he starts slow, look out. The crowd will turn on him and the team. The Cardinals will make plays against the blitzing Eagles defense, and they will find a way to make the crowd angry.

CBSSports.com's Harmon Forecast has the Eagles, 26-21:

The Cardinals aren't getting much out of the ground game, so QB Kurt Warner will once again be expected to win the game. Warner faces an Eagles defense that plans on hitting him often to try to make him uncomfortable in the pocket and take advantage of his propensity for fumbling. Eagles QB Donovan McNabb remains the starter and will test a Cardinals defense that gave up 240 passing yards and three touchdowns against the Giants last week.

Vinnie Iyer of the Sporting News likes the Eagles, 24-20:

It’s probably better for the Eagles long term to start Kevin Kolb at quarterback the rest of the year, but with a short week to prepare, coach Andy Reid figured he’d try to get Donovan McNabb out of his slump by dinking, dunking and chucking downfield at will against Arizona’s pass defense. Look for McNabb to rebound nicely, for which he will receive little thanks from the Eagles’ fans.