Who's picking the Eagles?

Before we get to our weekly look at who's picking the Eagles, some programming notes to get to.

First of all, as always, I'll be hosting our live chat during the game. We'll get things fired up around 12:30 p.m. and go all the way through.

And if you're looking to kill some time before kickoff, we have a few things for you to check out on philly.com. You can find complete coverage from The Inquirer and Daily News in our Eagles section. And we added a couple new photo galleries this week: one of past Eagles-Giants games and one of Giants villains.

Ok now to the picks...

Seven of eight Daily News writers pick the Giants.

SI.com's Peter King likes the Giants, 27-20:

The reason the Eagles are major-league dangerous Sunday at 1 is what Brian Westbrook told me the other day: "We feel like it's our goal to right the wrongs of the whole season.'' I'm hearing things like that more and more out of these Eagles -- that they're determined to prove the ups and downs of the season are out of their system, and they may not be a great offense, but they're good enough to win any game they play, and they have the kind of veteran presence and experience that will allow them to win a big game. Look at Westbrook's game last week, for instance -- held to nothing for 53 minutes, he takes a screen pass 71 yards to the end zone to turn a nail-biting, two-point lead into a busted-open game. But the difference here, I believe, will be Brandon Jacobs. Even if Eli Manning can't go deep two or three times in this game -- which he couldn't do in the Eagles' 20-14 win over the Giants five weeks ago -- I think Jacobs will be the kind of physical presence the Giants need to make it to the NFC title game. I am hedging my bets because of the Westbrook factor. He could win this game by himself. But I think Jacobs and ball-control will win it for New York.

ESPN.com's Bill Simmons goes with the Giants, 23-10:

The most perplexing line of the playoffs. Because Philly shocked New York in a must-win Week 15 game that meant nothing to the Giants -- when they were dealing with the single biggest distraction of the season (Cheddar Plaxgate), no less -- that means Week 19 will be tight? Really? Doesn't matter that the Giants have been the best team all season, or that they thrive in those "We aren't getting enough respect" situations? You really think the Eagles will be moving the ball in Giants Stadium when they could barely move it in the Metrodome against a Vikings defense that was missing Pat Williams and Darren Sharper?

All five members of ESPN's Sunday Countdown go with the Giants. Six of eight ESPN experts pick the Giants. Interestingly enough, the two that pick the Birds are ex-Eagles -- Ron Jaworski and Eric Allen.

CBSSports.com's Harmon Forecast has the Giants winning, 21-20:

Eagles QB Donovan McNabb faces a Giants defense that recorded 43 sacks and 17 interceptions this season. Giants QB Eli Manning will test an Eagles defense that held an opposing quarterback to a completion rate under 50 percent for the third time in the last five games.

CBSSports.com's Pete Prisco predicts a 24-15 Giants win:

The Eagles have been hot in the past six weeks, including winning at Giants Stadium against the Giants. But this is a difficult task, playing back-to-back road games. The Giants are rested and at home. I look for Eli Manning to make some big plays against that Eagles blitz. The Eagles won't be able to keep up.

Six of eight USA Today experts go with the Giants.