Which potential Kolb suitors found QBs?

I'll offer up my thoughts on the Danny Watkins selection soon enough, but for now, let's take a look at which potential Kevin Kolb suitors found quarterbacks in the first round.

Because of the NFL's labor situation, the Eagles were unable to deal Kolb for a pick Thursday night. And considering that four quarterbacks were taken in the first 12 picks, it's reasonable to assume the Eagles could have made a pretty nice deal, had they been allowed.

The Vikings selected Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder in the first round. (AP Photo)

I've been saying for months that nine of the teams that were scheduled to pick in the top 10 could have used a quarterback: the Panthers, Broncos, Bills, Bengals, Cardinals, 49ers, Titans, Redskins and Jaguars.

Other potential Kolb suitors included the Browns, Seahawks and Vikings.

Well, we can take four of those teams off the board. The Panthers selected Cam Newton with the first pick; the Titans surprised everyone with Jake Locker at No. 8; Jacksonville went with Blaine Gabbert at 10; and Minnesota took Christian Ponder at 12.

The Panthers, Titans and Jaguars were never really considered likely homes for Kolb, but if you've been reading MTC, you know I've been touting Minnesota as a destination that made sense.

But not anymore. The Vikings are not going to deal for Kolb and give him a big contract when they just spent a first-round pick on Ponder, so we can cross them off the list.

Of the teams that still need QBs, Arizona, San Francisco, Seattle and Cleveland stand out as possible trade partners. The Cardinals used the fifth pick on cornerback Patrick Peterson, but several reports have mentioned veteran Marc Bulger as a possible option there.

The 49ers took pass-rushing defensive end Aldon Smith at No. 7. The Browns went with Baylor defensive tackle Phil Taylor at No. 21 after trading out of the six-spot with the Falcons. And Seattle selected Alabama offensive lineman James Carpenter at No. 25.

There will still be a market for Kolb, but it'll be interesting to see how many teams are in the mix once the Eagles are finally allowed to make a deal.

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