What they're saying: Eagles' stock dropping

After back-to-back losses, the Eagles have fallen off the national radar.

Here is a roundup of links and power rankings from around the Web:

SI.com's Don Banks has the Birds 12th in his power rankings:

The good news is the Eagles won't travel further west than Chicago and Dallas the rest of the regular season. The past three times Philly played in the Pacific time zone, depressing things have happened. There was last January's NFC title game loss at Arizona, the Week 6 debacle in Oakland, and Sunday's defeat at San Diego. These Birds apparently are not made for flying long distances.

The Eagles fell completely out of Peter King's Fine Fifteen.

ESPN.com has the Eagles 12th.

ESPN.com's John Clayton has no answers for the Eagles' inability to win close games:

The Eagles' inability to win close games is becoming a major mystery in the league. I don't know why, either. How can a team that has been to five NFC title games not win close games during the regular season? By my count, Donovan McNabb is 1-8-1 in his past 10 games decided by eight points or fewer. I can't buy the notion that Reid can't manage the clock. He always wins first-round playoff games, and bad clock managers don't win playoff games. I also can't figure out how McNabb could have a career record worse than .500 in these close games. McNabb manages the game well and has a great arm. It's a mystery, but if they don't solve it, the Eagles won't have to worry about the playoffs.

Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com has the Eagles 11th:

They might want to stay away from the West Coast. That is two bad games out there after losing to the Chargers on Sunday. Was that their defense we saw against San Diego?

Pro Football Talk has the Eagles 13th.

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Maybe I'll try it next time. They just left.