What they're saying: Is Reid brilliant or foolish?

Opinions vary nationally about Andy Reid and his decision to start Michael Vick. (Michael S. Wirtz/Staff file photo)

Here's the weekly roundup of what the national media are saying about the Eagles.

As you might guess, the focus is on Andy Reid and his decision to start Michael Vick over Kevin Kolb. Opinion is pretty split. Some think Reid made the right call - for the team, for Vick and for Kolb. Others think he's wrong and the situation could blow up in his face.

Mark Kriegel of FoxSports.com rips into Reid:

Where is the most hated man in sports – an extraordinary distinction, wouldn’t you agree, given the inexhaustible supply of candidates? – regarded as a savior? Philadelphia, of course.

Now, in making the change, Reid shows himself to be as fickle as the Eagles fans – but less honorable. What a combination: knee-jerk like a fan, two-faced like a politician.

Jason Whitlock of FoxSports.com thinks this is Reid's finest moment:

The solution to that error isn’t to ignore Michael Vick’s unexpected brilliant play, the shaky performance of Philadelphia’s offensive line and return Kolb to the starting lineup. What you do is assess the new information and make the decision that gives your football team the best chance to win now and going forward. This is Andy Reid’s finest moment. His critics come off as disingenuous and/or obtuse. We beg for powerful, prideful and wealthy men to demonstrate the courage to admit their mistakes and quickly correct them.

SI.com's Peter King calls Reid's move gutsy:

Reid's one of the few guys in the business -- one of the very few -- who has the guts to make a call like this. He traded his quarterback of 11 years, McNabb, just to give Kolb the chance he was certain he deserved. And he goes to Vick this quick?

John Clayton of ESPN.com calls Reid's decision a mistake:

The move sends mixed signals to the locker room. Vick is popular with teammates and players respect him. But where does this leave Kolb, who is effectively benched after playing less than one game this season?

SI.com's Don Banks thinks Reid made the right decision and ranks the Eagles 19th in his power rankings: 

I think Andy Reid made the exact right call at quarterback, for all the right reasons. If Kevin Kolb struggled, or even failed to play up to the level of Michael Vick the past two weeks, he was going to get buried by the Eagles fans and the media. And that wouldn't serve his long-term development as a franchise QB one bit. It might have actually stunted it for a good long while. You can't really go wrong in this league playing the hot hand. It's a win-now world in the NFL. More than ever.

Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post writes about Vick's contract and Reid's decision:

Reid has now put the plan for Kevin Kolb to lead the franchise on hold while clinging to the memories of three years ago and, more importantly, three days ago. Reid is acting in his role as the coach and the short-term objectives of winning the next game rather than in the role of general manager and long-term objectives of developing their quarterback of the future. So for now, Kolb, as he has done for three years, waits, this time with over $10 million in the bank from his door prize given earlier this year.

Sal Paolantonio of ESPN.com says the Eagles have received numerous calls about Kolb's availability. A source tells The Inquirer's Jeff McLane that a report that the Browns called the Eagles is not accurate.

ESPN.com's Jemele Hill writes about Vick's journey and his redemption:

No matter how this season plays out, Vick will win, even if that's not represented in the Eagles' record. Vick has shown he can be a starter in this league, but most importantly, he has proved that sometimes when you lose everything, you gain some things that are far more valuable.

ESPN.com's Matt Mosley says Reid made a knee-jerk decision:

Count me among the skeptics. I don't believe you throw an entire offseason plan in the trash based on two quarters. Reid would have us believe this is more about Vick's brilliance than Kolb's poor performance against the Packers. In my mind, this is about the Eagles trying to take a shortcut to the playoffs. And I think it's a plan that will blow up in their faces.

Clark Judge of CBSSports.com says Reid had Kolb's interest in mind when he decided to put him on the bench:

So Reid stepped in to protect that future. By reversing himself on his quarterbacks and naming Vick the Eagles' starter, he took the attention off Kolb and put it on himself. If the move fails and Vick stinks, it isn't the quarterback who gets hammered. It's the head coach, and Andy Reid is up to the task because ... well, because you have no choice when you coach in Philadelphia for 12 years.

Ex-player and current National Football Post writer Matt Bowen says Reid made the right call going with Vick:

As Andy Reid, how do you tell your team that production isn’t good enough to stay on the field? What message does that send? This league is based on opportunity. And, when a player isn’t accountable on Sunday because of injury, well, then he gives up that opportunity—for someone else to take. Everyone who has played in the NFL can agree with that. You can’t dress on Sunday? Then you are risking your job. It might sound too simple, but, in reality, it is that simple.

Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com has the Eagles 17th in his power rankings:

Mike Vick? Really? This is a dangerous situation for the Eagles and Andy Reid. It could blow up in his face.

ESPN.com has the Eagles 16th in its power rankings.

Adam Caplan of FoxSports.com has the Eagles 14th:

Andy Reid is making the right decision keeping Kevin Kolb as his starting quarterback. You can't develop a quarterback on the sidelines. At least they know that Michael Vick is capable of playing good football.

OK, well that one was written before Tuesday evening, obviously.

Pat Kirwan of NFL.com says the decision to switch to Vick is all about winning right now:

Michael Vick has been brilliant in six quarters of action, and after planning to stick with Kevin Kolb, Reid is opting to go with the veteran. Players will not forget what it felt like with Vick on the field. Giving Vick a few Wildcat plays, especially if Kolb struggled, wasn't going to appease the team. With Vick in the wings and Donovan McNabb coming to town in Week 4, Reid opted to pull the trigger on the move now rather than wait to see what would unfold with Kolb and a shaky offensive line. Reid said it's a beautiful situation to have two good quarterbacks. There's no arguing that point as long as the best one is on the field winning games.

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