What they're saying: Reid, McNabb get roasted

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FoxSports.com's John Czarnecki wonders whether Andy Reid would want to stick around for the Kevin Kolb era:

Reid must re-think his long-range plans. And does he really want to stick around and rebuild this team? Maybe it's time to relocate and get out of the Philadelphia fish bowl? Reid remains a solid coach, but his formula is no longer working.

Peter King offers his thoughts on Donovan McNabb's overtime comments:

I think I simply don't believe Donovan McNabb didn't know there couldn't be ties in the NFL. What did he think? They'd play forever? "I never even knew that was in the rule book,'' he said after the 13-13 snoozer in Cincinnati. That's absurd.

King also wonders what the Eagles' next step should be:

I think if I'm Andy Reid, I'm starting to think that when the Eagles are out of it, it's time to see Kevin Kolb. McNabb looks old. He can't move. Reid's got to see what he has for the future, but only when the Eagles are out of any realistic playoff contention. That hasn't happened yet.

FoxSports.com's Adrian Hasenmayer says Reid deserves more criticism than McNabb after Sunday's tie:

Forget all the hubbub over several Eagle players, including QB Donovan McNabb, not realizing that NFL games could end in a tie. The more egregious brain fart goes to head honcho Andy Reid, who despite heavy Cincinnati winds and facing a defense that entered Sunday's game ranked 25th against the run, Reid's Eagles threw 58 times vs. just 18 carries in five quarters (3.6 carries per quarter). Remarkable.

Alex Marvez says there's no easy way to fix the NFL's overtime rules:

Admittedly, such finishes are so rare that Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb can almost — almost — be excused for not knowing that play automatically ends following a fifth quarter. Only 16 games have finished deadlocked since the league adopted its current overtime format in 1974. Before the Eagles-Bengals game, the lone tie in the past 10 seasons came in 2002.

ESPN.com has the Eagles 17th in its power rankings:

This team was fading even before an embarrassing tie. But as Donovan McNabb says, there's always the second OT.

Adam Schein says McNabb should know the rules:

I am a Donovan McNabb guy. I always have been. However, it was flat-out embarrassing and totally unacceptable that he didn't know that an NFL game ends in a tie if nobody scores after the first AND ONLY 15-minute overtime session. That's not on the Philly staff. That's on the quarterback.

Schein also calls McNabb one of his five goats of Week 11.

Jason Whitlock of FoxSports.com calls Reid the NFL's worst coach this year:

Twice this season Reid has taken the game out of the hands of Donovan McNabb and tried to win at crunch time with his running game. Here's a coach who loves to throw on damn near every down except when the game is on the line. I also blame Reid for the Eagles failing to trade a second-round draft pick for Tony Gonzalez. Other than the one season with Terrell Owens, McNabb has made a living throwing the ball to the James Thrashes of the world. It's ridiculous. I'm convinced the Eagles don't want to win it all.

Michael Silver of Yahoo Sports has the Eagles 19th in his power rankings:

Did Donovan McNabb at least know that a tie is like kissing one’s sister (and, in this case, is it fair to say that Philly’s sister is pretty damned far from Angelina Jolie)?

Football Outsiders
details how the Eagles' inability to adjust in close games has led to their demise:

The Eagles' fear of their running game eliminates the necessary offensive balance they need to be successful. Teams know that they will lean on McNabb in tight situations, and they react accordingly. As a result, McNabb is not effective in late and close situations. In 52 attempts when the teams are separated by fewer than seven points in the fourth quarter, McNabb averages only 5 yards per pass.

ESPN.com's DJ Gallo talks about Brian Dawkins' post-game comments:

Eagles safety Brian Dawkins was clearly distraught after the Bengals game and had this to say in the postgame press conference about how tying felt to him: "It's like in 'Talladega Night' how they say there is only first place and last place." Let this be the latest reminder to you that sports are not to be taken seriously. Sports problems are not real problems. Dawkins was visibly upset and what came to his mind was ... "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby." If in your darkest hour, you quote lines from absurd Will Ferrell comedies, you have a blessed life. I mean, it's not often a person is called to the morgue to identify a loved one and tells the medical examiner: "It's like in 'Anchorman' when he says: 'It's a formidable scent. It stings the nostrils. I'm gonna be honest with you, Brian, that smells like pure gasoline.'"

CBSSports.com's Pete Prisco has the Eagles 17th in his power rankings:

After that terrible tie at Cincinnati, they must now go on the road again to play the Ravens. Wonder if Donovan McNabb knows that this game will be 60 minutes long?

CBSSports.com's Prisco gives the Eagles an F for their performance in Week 11:

Like I said, this is a loss for the Eagles. They're supposed to win this game. Their offense isn't doing enough. Donovan McNabb had three picks and didn't get them into the end zone enough. This one will sting.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports says the fans were the real losers in the Eagles-Bengals game:

The eight sacks of Cincinnati’s Ryan Fitzpatrick and four turnovers by Philadelphia’s Donovan McNabb made for ugly football. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the offensive drives in overtime were downright inept. And judging by the unfulfilled looks on the faces of all the players afterward, it seemed like a loss for both teams.

Vinnie Iyer of the SportingNews has the Eagles 21st in his power rankings:

With stalwarts such as William Thomas and Jon Runyan still at the tackles, the front five does it best to help Donovan McNabb (only 15 sacks). With guard Shawn Andrews hurting, Brian Westbrook has found less in the running game. The Eagles have gone from 8th in 2007 (at 4.7 yards per carry) all the way down to 26th this season.

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