What they're saying: Is Vick the league MVP?

Is Michael Vick the league's MVP after three weeks? (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

Here's the weekly roundup of of what the national media are saying about the Eagles as they prepare for Donovan McNabb and the Redskins.

Since McNabb's return will likely be written about all over the place as the week goes on, I'll do another roundup on Thursday.

SI.com's Peter King puts Michael Vick No. 1 on his MVP Watch list:

Seriously. Eagles have outscored foes 80-49 in Vick's 10 quarters of play, he's thrown six touchdowns and no interceptions, and he's still the most dangerous running threat at the position.

He wrote much more about Vick in his Monday Morning Quarterback column:

There's a group of people (I hear from them every time I write about Vick) who won't be happy if Vick succeeds, because of his dogfighting history. But the fact is he did his time and has tried to redeem himself by doing and saying all the right things in the 14 months since the Eagles signed him. Handling the pressure of having the public's eyes burn into him for so long has to make football seem more like a game and less a pressurized business than it ever has. And he's playing like it.

And then there's Andy Reid. King was mentioned several times on our site last week after he quoted Reid as saying Kevin Kolb could get "crucified" if he didn't play well. On Monday, King named Reid his Coach of the Week:

All you're judged on in the coaching business is whether your decisions pay off. We can argue all day about Reid saying all winter that Donovan McNabb was his guy, and then trading him; and then all spring and summer about how Kevin Kolb was his guy, and Reid benching him after 15 non-concussed snaps. But the way Vick played Sunday proved that the best quarterback to lead this team right now is Vick, and sometimes decisions in which you clearly contradict yourself can be painful and awkward. But all that matters is how it turns out. And this decision, at least this week, was a gem, with Vick throwing 61-, 16- and 45-yard touchdown passes and running for a fourth score from 17 yards out in a 28-3 rout of the Jags. Yes, Reid has to salvage Kolb for the future, but for now, in the midst of the local and national hue and cry, his decision looks golden.

Andrew Brandt of the National Football Post writes about Vick and whether he was liked by teammates when the Eagles signed him last year:

Both on the Eagles and around the league, I heard about a divided reaction to Vick based on race. Specifically, there was a feeling among black players that if a high-profile white player had done the same things that Vick did, they would not have been treated with the same hatred and would not have been sentenced to 23 months in federal prison. Whether that is true or not, that perception was out there, making Vick an empathetic figure in some player circles despite his despicable acts. Vick is a likable guy, which has endeared him to teammates like Kevin Kolb. My sense is that Kolb’s support for Vick is genuine, certainly not always the case in situations like these.

Les Bowen of the Daily News wrote about Vick and race in an Eagletarian post today.

The Eagles moved up two spots to No. 14 in ESPN.com's power rankings:

Now that Michael Vick is the new king of Philadelphia, do you think he'd let Donovan McNabb run some plays from the Wildcat for him?

FoxSports.com's Jason Whitlock says McNabb is not in a for a fair fight against Vick Sunday:

Vick is going to treat McNabb and the Redskins like they stole something from Sweet Polly Purebred. This won't be a fair fight. It reminds me of Larry Holmes vs. Muhammad Ali. Holmes took no satisfaction in whipping "The Greatest," but he had to do it. Now it's time for the greatest Philly QB to get what he doesn't deserve.

Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com has the Eagles 13th in his power rankings:

Give Mike Vick round one. He was very good against the Jaguars, but their secondary isn't very good. The Eagles front finally came alive against Jacksonville.

CNBC's Darren Rovell reports that Vick's jersey is once again a hot seller:

Even after Vick was picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles in August of last year, Dick's Sporting Goods didn't stock its shelves with Vick jerseys. It wasn't a political statement. It was merely due to the fact that it was believed that Vick's jersey wouldn't sell well. On Monday morning, however, two Dick's Sporting Goods stores in the Philadelphia area were promising customers that Vick jerseys would be in by the end of the week.

Earlier today, I broke down Vick's performance against the Jaguars.

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