What they're saying about the Eagles

Eagles fans chanted "Fire Andy" during the team's loss to the Patriots at Lincoln Financial Field. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

Here's a roundup of what the national media are saying about the Eagles. And in case you missed it, I posted Man Up on the offense earlier today.

SI.com's Don Banks sees similarities between the Eagles and Chargers:

Andy Reid and Norv Turner. Two peas in a pod. I don't know how either one of them makes a strong case that they deserve another season in their gigs after this year's monumental failures in Philadelphia and San Diego, respectively. The Eagles and Chargers lost again at home on Sunday, and I can't remember when 4-7 ever stunk quite so badly.

Chris Burke of SI.com names DeSean Jackson his "Coach Killer" for Week 12:

For the Eagles’ offense to be at its best, Jackson has to be on his game, and that includes going into traffic to make catches — no matter if his prior injury or lack of a guaranteed contract beyond this year are weighing on his mind.

If nothing else, Jackson needs to prove to the rest of the NFL that he’s capable of being a reliable receiver. He’ll be looking for a new deal once the season is up, after all, whether he stays in Philadelphia or not.

SI.com's Peter King answered a reader's question about how Donovan McNabb will be remembered:

McNabb is going to be compared to Kelly, certainly, but also to peers from his era, which is more accurately the era after Kelly played; they were drafted 16 years apart. Kelly was helped by winning four conference title games and being the last quarterback (maybe ever) to call his own plays on the field. McNabb can't say that. (Nor, for that matter, can almost any quarterback in the last 30 years). This is why it's good to let a player's career breathe after he retires -- to see how he stacks up against the players of his era. Not winning a Super Bowl will be a minus, but his winning record will be a plus.

The Eagles are now 18th in ESPN.com's power rankings:

I guess when you lose to the No. 6 team, you don't automatically have to drop. I was just surprised the Eagles didn't after looking so bad against the Patriots. At this point, they're about where they deserve to be -- down there with the Titans, Bills, Bucs and a bunch of teams of which it's hard to think very much. They could move up yet because of their soft remaining schedule, but they're just not very good.

Brian Billick of FoxSports.com has the Eagles 18th in his FoxSports.com power rankings:

My warning to Eagles fans: You can chant for the firing of Andy Reid all you want, but be careful for what you wish for. You will be hard-pressed to find a better coach than Andy Reid.

Eliot Harrison of NFL.com has the Birds 19th:

It's over for the Eagles. Even winning out probably won't save this team, as the Cowboys only need to go 3-2 to finish with 10 wins. The two wild-card entrants likely are going to hit 10 wins as well. Granted, the Lions and Bears both fell this week, but right now Philadelphia has to try to get just one win on the board as well as evaluate who fits in the team's plan and salary cap come 2012.

Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com has the Eagles 18th:

The dream is over. They are done. Now the question is this: Is Andy Reid done in Philly?

Jason La Canfora runs through coaches who could be done after this season and mentions Andy Reid:

Andy Reid could well decide that he's had enough of Philly -- it's been a good, long run there -- and given the issues at defensive coordinator there in recent years, more staff changes can't be ruled out.

Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com has the Eagles 18th:

DeSean Jackson dropped that pass because he prematurely launched into his “hide under the bed” touchdown celebration.

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