Westbrook tests ankle

Pretty much every day here at training camp, Brian Westbrook has been on the field -- stretching, conditioning, advising teammates like rookie running back LeSean McCoy.

Today, he took another step.

After the morning practice and Andy Reid's press conference, the Eagles' coach and athletic trainer Rick Burkholder put No. 36 through a test on one of the fields here at Lehigh.

For about 10-15 minutes, Westbrook took handoffs, ran routes and participated in football activities. It was just the four of them on the field, with an assistant serving as quarterback.

Previously in camp, at least in public, none of Westbrook's activities involved a football. A soccer ball? Yes. Running, stretching? Yes. But no football.

However, during today's session, the ball never dropped the ground, as Westbrook made catch after catch, a couple one-handed ones too for good measure.

A lot of the routes were in the middle of the field, where Westbrook would come out of the backfield, make a sharp cut or stop on a dime.

To the casual observer (me), he looked very good. While I'm sure there are some things he's still working on improving, there didn't appear to be any limitations during today's session.

Afterwards, he shook hands with Reid and Burkholder and headed back to the locker room. None of the parties involved were available for comment.

Just another day at an unventful training camp, right? Jeremy Maclin's first practice, Juqua Parker gets caught with pot, and Westbrook looks like he took another step towards returning.

Oh, by the way, Jeffrey Lurie just started his "state of the team" press conference.

Headed outside now, but, as if I had to tell you, we'll be back later.