Westbrook defends Reid, McNabb

On his weekly radio program on ESPN 950, Eagles running back Brian Westbrook gave a vote of confidence to his quarterback and head coach.

Here was Westbrook's response when asked how he would respond to fans who think it's time for Andy Reid to go:

Brian Westbrook defended Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb during his weekly radio show. (AP)

"Bad idea, bad idea. ... I believe he's a very good coach. You have to say...who are you gonna get? Who's gonna be better than coach Reid? Who's gonna have a better winning percentage out there that you can potentially go get than coach Reid? Who's gonna run this team better? Who's gonna be a better leader? Who's gonna take more of the blame on their shoulders? And I personally find it hard to find somebody that's going to do a better job than Andy Reid."

Westbrook was also asked about Donovan McNabb, and said that the players in the locker room have not lost confidence in the starting quarterback:

"I've seen the different things that Donovan has been able to do. I've seen him have bad games and come back that next game and be an MVP-caliber quarterback. That's what I expect from him this week. Donovan McNabb is not the problem here. He's part of the solution."

Asked whether he appreciates Reid not calling out specific players and always taking the blame, here's what Westbrook said:

"He said at the beginning of the season, 'I'm not going to throw you guys underneath the bus' and he would appreciate if we don't throw him underneath the bus either. ..."

"I think he's a great coach and I respect him a lot and it takes a lot for a guy to go up there and say 'It's my fault' ...to take all the blame on yourself when you know it's not all of your fault. It takes a big man to do that and (laugh) Coach Reid is a big man."

And, of course, Westbrook was asked about knowing the rules of overtime. He said he knew the rules, and McNabb's admission didn't affect the way the team played:

"I think a lot of people are asking, basically to say, Donovan didn't do everything he could to help this team win in the overtime period cause he thought there was going to be another period. And I couldn't disagree with that any more. ... We're trying to score, no matter what. The bottom line is, offensively, we're trying to score."

If you want to kill an hour at work, you can listen to the whole show here